Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and we do not collect any information about you. In the future we expect to start a store where you can purchase items, the information collected will only be used for your purchases and will not become public, nor will we sell any information to anyone. Any funds collected through the sale of items will go to furthering the ministry of this organization. We are a self supporting church and do not take up offerings, or ask for donations, nor do we require you to tithe your earnings. We believe that God has given you what you need and doesn't want you to return the money to Him. As we understand the Holy Bible, there is only one law in the covenant of grace that you must adhere to which sums up all of the Old Testament Laws into one, love your brothers and sisters as you love yourself. TheWalkingChurch is a division of greyeyesgabriel international. That is all, thank you and God bless you.